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Hawker Beechcraft 125 Series

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Hawker Beechcraft 125 Series

The Hawker Beechcraft 125 series is a dominant plane among business jets. Hawker Beechcraft has chosen Starlink as its Authorized Service Centre for Eastern and Central Canada.

We are also Transport Canada certified to maintain and repair a range of other Hawker Beechcraft aircraft.

Our AMO team receive regular in-factory training to ensure that your aircraft is maintained to the manufacturer’s highest standards. We are fully proficient with the airplane’s manuals and any modifications made to them over time.

Our commitment to your safety is reinforced by an company-wide approved Safety Management System.

Authorized service

At Starlink, we don’t just repair Hawker Beechcraft aircraft, we also fly them as part of our fleet, so we are very familiar with all aspects of the aircraft.

You can entrust the inspection and maintenance of your Hawker Beechcraft to us with total confidence. Your plane’s manufacturer has.