How to choose a management company?

Aircraft Management - How to choose an aircraft management company?

How to choose an aircraft management company?

Extensive knowledge and experience in aircraft management can help you optimize your aircraft investment

Choosing the right management company to protect the investment you’ve made in your aircraft is probably as important a decision as choosing the aircraft itself.

Do you want to generate revenue from your aircraft by chartering it while you are not using it?
Do you have your own crew on retainer or would you prefer that someone else look after providing a crew?

Then, of course, there are the certifications and authorizations that go along with aircraft ownership.

From an array of financial and investment issues, through planning flight and maintenance schedules all the way through compliance with technical and mechanical upgrades and repairs, the reality is that you can’t afford anything less than time-tested experience.
Your checklist should include:
  • Expertise and certifications for handling my aircraft
  • Dedicated maintenance staff
  • Strong relationship with proven charter brokers
  • State-of-the-art hangar and AMO facilities
  • Authorized FBO
  • Financial and accounting capabilities
  • Personalized service 24/7/365