How to choose a maintenance company?

Aircraft Maintenance - How to choose a maintenance company?

How to choose an Aircraft Maintenance company?

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We’ve already alluded to both the complexity of today’s aircraft and the increasingly stringent norms and regulations that determine whether an airplane is allowed to take to the skies.

There are a range of companies that offer private aircraft maintenance at varying rates, depending on the size and scope of their operations. Operating a first class AMO service is an exact science and requires substantial investment.

When choosing a maintenance company you need to know
  • What is their safety record and do they have an approved Safety Management System?
  • What official certifications do they have for which aircraft?
  • How large is the engineering and technical team?
  • Do they guarantee 24/7/365 operations?
  • Will they plan and perform maintenance for me?
  • Will they handle the paperwork for my plane’s air worthiness?
  • What is there reputation among customers?
  • Will I receive the same care as the owner of a fleet of aircraft?
  • What happens if my plane can’t fly when I need it? Do they have solutions?

AMO Certifications

A critical component in making your decision is ensuring that the company you choose has a proven track record in aircraft maintenance for your type of aircraft. This is easily verified by asking for the current AMO certifications the company has.

See Attached AMO’s certifications, we invite you to contact us for more information.