Turn-key Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management - Turn-key Aircraft Management

Trust the professionals

Manage and maintain your aircraft from A to Z

You could, of course, hire independent specialists to handle the rigorous and varied demands of operating a private jet or turboprop, but do you really want to assemble and manage a complex team on your own?

Entrusting the management of your aircraft to Starlink offers you a dependable and affordable turn-key solution. Our combined expertise allows us to help you plan every detail of owning, maintaining and operating an aircraft, including optimizing its potential to generate revenue for you.

It makes sense, any way you look at it. We are a private aircraft FBO and we manage and maintain a fleet of over 20 aircraft. We have the expertise and all the certifications to take you under our wing.

We don’t just claim to offer the very best customer service, we deliver on that promise.

We will provide you with a thorough cost analysis and service offering so that you can compare. When you choose Starlink, you can be confident in our ability to manage and maintain your aircraft, handling every detail, from A to Z.

Prepare for departure

Peace of mind to enhance your aircraft ownership
  • Develop and manage annual operating costs
  • Benefit from our fleet pricing advantages for fuel and parts
  • Consolidate monthly invoicing
  • Take comfort in knowing your aircraft is properly hangared and maintained
  • All with a company that has the experience and vision to serve you best.