• D.J. Ames
    Starlink Aviation is North America’s Best FBO!  I visit 100+ different FBO’s annually and I have never had a better experience.  Their consistently professional, personalized service and amazing staff have set the bar very high and, frankly, have spoiled me.  I always look forward to CYUL on my schedule!” 
    D.J. Ames
    Captain, Citation X - XOJET, Inc.
  • Keith McLellan
    Zoran Bratuljevic and his hand-picked staff of professionals are the best anywhere! The guys and girls at Starlink are very sharp, courteous, friendly, and truly sincere in their efforts to take care of your needs. [G]reat service, a nice facility with all the amenities you want, a well-trained and friendly staff, and competitive pricing for all services. I highly recommend them! Oh, and just FYI, how many FBOs offer a late-model BMW as a crew car? 
    Keith McLellan
  • David Catta
    Nous sommes satisfaits de Starlink Aviation en raison de son professionnalisme et de son service à la clientèle en constante évolution. Lors d’événements non planifiés et de situations AOG (Aircraft On Ground), c’est-à-dire lorsque notre avion était cloué au sol en raison d’un problème technique, toute l’équipe a toujours très rapidement répondu à nos besoins en plus de fournir le support adéquat à notre avion. Starlink détient son propre matériel et une équipe qui combine habiletés et connaissances, ce qui se reflète sur la qualité du travail de dépannage. Merci de votre soutien!  
    David Catta
  • Dianne Shea
    Good Morning Zoran, As expected your team did not disappoint when it came to the quality of service provided. EVERYONE was extremely helpful and attentive. Having been to many FBO’s throughout Canada and yours was a refreshing and very much appreciated change, not having to worry about, ice, coffee, and catering being delivered made my job that much easier. Can’t thank you enough for the suggestion of Schwartz, the passengers loved it, I think it brought back memories of home on their long tour. Please thank all your staff for their hard work and professionalism, with this kind of service I have no doubt you will remain the number 1 FBO in Canada. Sincerely,
    Dianne Shea
    Cabin Attendant